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Early Spring Bonbons

Upon the request of a customer, I made some new bonbon flavors. I love that I am able to serve you all that way. Seriously, if you have any requests, please email me at luxartisanchocolates@gmail.com. Lets go over these new flavors, alright. 

First up, we have mango and sesame praline - Fresh organic mango jam with caramelized organic sesame chocolate. The sesame makes it a little savory and the mango has a nice acidity to it. The praline also has little bits of crunchy caramel it in it - it's an exotic flavor combination. This one is vegan, too.


The next one is my favorite of this batch, Meyer lemon-basil caramel. Tart and herbaceous meyer lemon & basil infused caramel atop a creamy dark chocolate ganache infused with the same ingredients. This one has layers to it - must be savored.

After that, we have cashew butter crunch. I used to make a peanut butter crunch bonbon all the time, and this is a play on that one. I used organic cashew butter, mixed it with homemade cashew brittle, feuilletine (a crunchy, dried crepe-like flake used in confections), confectioner's sugar, and sea salt. If you like cashews-you will like this. 


Next up, dulce de leche, macadamia nut, and coconut milk ganache. Another semi-exotic one - I love macadamia nuts, and I found the best organic ones from Hawaii, so I put them in a bonbon - you can also get them in our macadamia nut, almond, coconut bar. I paired the macadamia nut with a caramel-ly dulce de leche, and a creamy coconut milk ganache (non-dairy!). I think it turned out great.

I always make two of the bonbons of the white chocolate variety, and this time I made a birthday cake, and a lemongrass-matcha flavored one:

Birthday cake - my version includes yellow cake, white chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, and of course jimmies! (sprinkles if you're not from Pittsburgh). It's tasty and fun.

Lemongrass-matcha is a white chocolate-creme fraiche ganache with lemongrass essential oil and matcha powder mixed into it. The creme fraiche gives this one a cheesecakey flavor, and I think lemongrass tastes like Fruit Loops. The matcha is the mildest flavor in it. So, you be the judge, but for me it tastes like fruit loop cheesecake, which is delicious. 


Next is Apricot-Gianduja, dried apricot paste and gianduja - which is hazelnut chocolate (kind of like nutella, but better) - it contains roasted-salted hazelnuts, powdered sugar and 64% dark chocolate. This is more of a classic flavor combination, and it's also vegan.


Last is caramelized banana and ginger. A dark chocolate ganache made with caramelized organic bananas and caramelized white chocolate, infused with ginger root. You get the ginger spiciness first, followed by a subtle caramel-banana flavor. 

That's it, I hope you enjoyed getting a behind the scenes take on our bonbon-making process!




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