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Early Spring Bonbons

Upon the request of a customer, I made some new bonbon flavors. I love that I am able to serve you all that way. Seriously, if you have any requests, please email me at Lets go over these new flavors, alright.  First up, we have mango and sesame praline - Fresh organic mango jam with caramelized organic sesame chocolate. The sesame makes it a little savory and the mango has a nice acidity to it. The praline also has little bits of crunchy caramel it in it - it's an exotic flavor combination. This one is vegan, too.           The next one is my favorite of this batch, Meyer lemon-basil caramel. Tart and herbaceous meyer lemon...

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New Spring Chocolates, First Blog Post

Well, this is exciting! I am writing my first blog post. I feel like I have so much to say because new things are happening all the time, but I will mostly keep to the subject of chocolate, for the sake of time. First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to all of you that help make this little chocolate business possible by purchasing our chocolates. We truly wouldn't exist without you. Also, thanks to my husband (Arnold Ortz - the man, the myth, the legend), my Mom (the lovely and talented Christy Gibson), and my hard-working employees (love you Maria, Chelidha, and Bena). They are the reason that I am able to write this today.  Now, on...

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