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Stay updated as our Bonbon flavors change frequently.

Fillings are made in-house with organic fruits and local cream.

The making of bonbons is a two-day process. They do not contain preservatives or anything artificial and are best eaten within two weeks (check "enjoy by" date on box). Made fresh to order.

Flavors of the Fall/Winter:

White Chocolate Pumpkin Chai- pumpkin & chai tea infused jam, pumpkin & chai tea white chocolate creme fraiche ganache  (White Chocolate)

Lemon-Mascarpone- lemon marmalade, lemon-infused white chocolate mascarpone ganache (White Chocolate)

Orange-Rosemary Caramel- orange caramel infused with rosemary, orange-rosemary infused dark chocolate ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Pear-Sage Caramel with Candied Walnut- rosemary infused caramel with pear, pear-rosemary infused dark chocolate ganache, candied walnut (Dark Chocolate)

Ginger-Plum- house-made plum jam, ginger-infused dark chocolate ganache, candied ginger (Dark Chocolate)

Blackberry & Earl Grey Tea- house-made blackberry jam, earl grey-infused dark chocolate ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Raspberry-Rose Marshmallow- house-made raspberry and rose water marshmallow, dark chocolate rose ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Coconut-Almond Gianduja with Macadamia Nut-  coconut, almond, and chocolate butter, macadamia nuts (Dark Chocolate)(Vegan)

Maple-Bourbon Ganache with Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle- maple syrup and bourbon-infused milk and dark chocolate ganache, cardamom-cinnamon & chile powder-infused pumpkin seed brittle (Dark Chocolate)

Strawberry & Sake- house-made strawberry jam, dark chocolate sake ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Apple, Cardamom, & Oat- house-made apple butter, toasted oat & cardamom infused dark chocolate ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Miso-Banana Caramel & Sesame Praline - miso and banana caramel, caramelized black and white sesame seed dark chocolate butter (dark chocolate)