Stay updated as our Bonbon flavors change frequently.

Fillings are made in-house with organic fruits and local cream.

The making of bonbons is a two-day process. They do not contain preservatives or anything artificial and are best eaten within two weeks (check "enjoy by" date on box). Made fresh to order.

Flavors of the Fall:

Peach- creme fraiche ganache, local peach jam (White Chocolate)

Blueberry-Lemon- mascarpone ganache, lemon confit, local blueberry jam (White Chocolate)

Matcha & Lavender Vanilla Latte- organic matcha ganache, apoidea apiary (local) lavender-vanilla infused honey (Dark Chocolate)

Roasted Pear-Blue Cheese & Walnut- local roasted pear jam, blue cheese ganache, candied walnuts (Dark Chocolate)

Passionfruit-Strawberry & Prosecco-  strawberry jam, passionfruit reduction, prosecco ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Pumpkin-Lemongrass & Coconut Milk- (Dark Chocolate)

Blackberry-Rose- blackberry jam, rose ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Raspberry Marshmallow & Rice Croquant- (Dark Chocolate)

Sesame Praline-Miso Sake Caramel- (Dark Chocolate)

Concord Grape & Speculoos Butter- local concord grape jam, cookie butter, dark chocolate ganache (Dark Chocolate)

Peanut Butter Crunch- natural peanut butter, feuilletine, peanut brittle, sea salt (Dark Chocolate)

Cardamom Caramel & Maple-Spiced Almonds- (Dark Chocolate)