Who is LUX

Shelby Gibson started her culinary career at the Art institute of Pittsburgh in 2003. While studying for her Bachelor's degree in Culinary Management, she started working at Eleven as a pastry cook, under pastry chef Romina Peixoto. This is where she learned the art of flavor combinations, and the importance of making everything from scratch when possible, using local, interesting, and obscure ingredients, also, having her first encounter with chocolate bonbon making. At the time of her graduation from culinary school, she was promoted to head pastry chef of Soba, big burrito's pan-asian restaurant. This is where she was able to find her own unique style while fusing Asian flavors with American-French style desserts. Eventually, in 2010, she was promoted to executive pastry chef at Eleven, where she continued to hone her skills until resigning in mid-2012. In early 2013, she founded LUX Artisan Chocolates, the first artisanal chocolatier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, taking with her all the skills and values that she had learned while working with the big burrito restaurant group. Her vision was to bring modern, upscale chocolate to Pittsburgh, using the artisanal practices of making everything by hand, in small batches, without the use of preservatives or anything artificial. She continues to improve and evolve her business with these principles in mind, always sourcing the best ingredients, using fair trade chocolate, organic, local produce, and making every piece of chocolate thoughtfully. You can find her products in many small local shops and markets in and around Pittsburgh, including the long-standing and prestigious Mon Aimee Chocolat.